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2012. Will Ipswich benefit?
2012. Will Ipswich benefit?
DID you enjoy the Olympics?Superb I thought. So now all eyes will be on London 2012 and it gets you thinking doesn't it?Will Ipswich benefit from having the Olympics just an hour or so drive's away?I mean we have some superb sporting facilities in Ipswich
DO you know, I'm never quite sure whether Ipswich is good for shopping or not?Personally I think it's excellent, but so many of my friends go on about Norwich and Colchester, but I don't get it.I mean we have excellent clothes shops, a fine array of IT and
WELL, Kevin Pietersen as England cricket captain?Who'd have thought it?Do you know it really annoys me, not being too much of a rugby or football fan, and cricket being my passion, that Suffolk doesn't have a First Class County side.Minor Counties, Minor C
IPSWICH'S new University Campus Suffolk is coming along nicely and the dock area of the town is set for a real change over the coming months and years.Have you noticed. Crikey, we will put Newcastle's dock night life to shame soon!It seems incredible that
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