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What are you scared of?

26 January 2015 14:16

What is it that's stopping you from taking the action necessary to lose weight?

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

So many of you are fired up at this time of year and have big plans to lose weight, exercise more and be healthy. Well, that’s fantastic but how are you going to do that? Eat less? Exercise more? Get motivated?

Failure is simply life trying to move you in another direction

How do you ensure that this year will be the LAST time you find yourself wearily resolving to lose weight AGAIN!?

Damage limitation for the Christmas blow out

Are you already knee deep in quality street, marmite cashews and baileys? Read on for some simple tricks to ensure you enjoy yourself but don't go totally off the rails this Christmas...

Five reasons not to ditch your exercise routine in December

If you don’t already exercise regularly and eat well there’s really no point in starting now. Starting an exercise programme in December would be a waste of time. Right? WRONG!!

The problem with potatoes

30 November 2014 18:00

Boiled, mashed, jacket, fried, chips, crisps - oh there's so many things you can do with a potato!

Five food cravings you can beat

23 November 2014 19:27

Food cravings can sometimes overwhelm you especially at this time of year when we’re surrounded by temptation. Armed with the right tools you can beat them...

Banish those bingo wings!

16 November 2014 17:44

Bingo wings, bat wings, dinner lady arms, sugar you hide yours under long sleeved tops or jumpers?

Perfectionism is overrated

09 November 2014 19:18

Have you given up on your Christmas weight loss goals because of a few lapses?

Don't blame your mum for your big hips & bum!

Find out what you can do to take a few inches off your hips before Christmas!

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