Martial Arts
Genesis Martial Arts
Wycombe Sports Centre, Handy Cross, High Wycombe, HP11 1TJ
High Wycombe is our most central location with top worldwide known martial arts instructors such as Corey Cain, Paul Busby, Trevor John and Joel Hoyte. We provide martial arts classes on most days of the week that range in location across the entire Wycombe area. Disciplines include MMA, kickboxing, jujitsu, wresting, karate, Kung Fu, fitness & Gym. See more
Kazoku Ju Jitsu
High Wycombe Judo Centre, Barry Close, Cressex, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 4UE
Ju-Jitsu Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art of self-defence involving a range of techniques, including throwing, kicks, punches and locking techniques. At Kazoku we teach a comprehensive syllabus based on the techniques of traditional Ju-Jitsu, giving our students a good grounding and the opportunity to progress to advanced levels of practice. Different classes or lessons may concentrate on different aspects of Ju-Jitsu, with some dedicated to self-defence, competition, weapons or syllabus work. In addition, we give our students time in class to practice the particular areas that they most enjoy. See more
Ronin Taijutsu
St Francis Vicarage, Amersham Rd, High Wycombe, , HP13 5AB
South East Academy of Martial Arts
Hilltop Community Centre, Crest Road, High Wycombe, HP11 1UA
The Chief Instructor of South East Academy is Peter Edwards, 6th Dan Black Belt. Along with many National and International titles he is British, European and World Champion. Peter has been training in Martial arts for over 30 years and has been teaching the 'Art' for over 20 years. He has been an active member of the world respected W.A.K.O. GB team since 1986 and is now also the Chief Coach to the British Squad. His teaching has brought great success to many of his students. The Classes are structured in a manner to build the ability and technique at a speed that is suitable for the individual. Instructors are taught to warm up all students thoroughly before commencing any techniques to prevent pulled muscles and injury.Time is spent on stretching muscles of the body to enable students to perform dynamic movements safely and effectively, and various exercises are used for full body conditioning to improve stamina, strength and co-ordination. Strike shields, focus pads, protective equipment and skipping ropes are regularly used in training sessions. The South East Academy is well known on the the tournaments scene. Students who are interested in competing in tournaments are encouraged, but we do respect the wishes of students that do not wish to compete. SE Academy of Martial Arts has produced two World Champions, and multiple European and Domestic champions. When students join the South East Academy, membership is for a life time. The price includes our popular black & red top quality club suit, and entitles students to train at any of the South East Academy classes, provided fees are up to date. Included in the startup fee is a licence which is renewable anually. This enables the students to take recognisable grades and provides insurance which covers each student in the unlikely event that any harm may be caused to or by them. See more
The Club, Family Fitness & Martial Arts Centre
Desborough Park Rd, High Wycombe, , HP12 3BG
elcome to The Club! We offer a range of health and fitness activities for both children and adults at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether you have trained before, or are a complete newbie, The Club provides a friendly and non-threatening exercise environment. Our goal is to help you obtain real and lasting fitness results – whether it is through a traditional gym workout; our martial arts programme; our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy or our fitness classes. Working under the guidance of our highly qualified staff you will soon begin to feel and see real changes in your body as you trim pounds, tone up, and generally feel more energised and alive! See more
Tiger Martial Arts
Tiger Martial Arts, Lane End Road, High Wycombe, , HP11 2PU
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