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Teen Fiction : a Few Recommendations for YA's

The Moth Diaries - Rachael Klein

Chick-lit comes in all guises

08 October 2013 21:15

Girls! You are going to love losing yourself in these romantic reads!

What to do First - Watch the Film or Read the Book?

A long running dilemma - best to read the book first? or watch the film and then read the novel?

Hey Big Fella!  What's that Book You're Packing?

A man-sized list of holiday fiction recommendations to chuck in your luggage, & later lounge about and lose yourself in!

Summer Reading Recommendations (the strawberries & cream edit)

OK! My name is Bella, and you can find my 'entertainment' reviews on my blog site

But here are some hand-picked ideas on reading for the summer. Firstly, it's important to get comfortable ....

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