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I visited the zoo as a guest in a party doing the "Tea with Tigers event". Forget the animals!!! We can all see the animals on the laptop and TV these days.

No. The star of the show was a young man from Worcestershire who took a party of about 20 guests around the big cats section of the zoo where he was the keeper and kept us entertained for two hours before letting us go to tea in a Lodge overlooking two very big Tigers. His commitment, sincerity and honesty was worth its weight in gold and personally I wouldn't have minded if none of the cats had been visible. Later we browsed the zoo in a less structured way and were priviliged to see keepers feeding and interacting with both meerkats and otters. Again the commitment to conservation and care for the animals was evident and a joy to watch.

A small private zoo with a strong coomercial instinct they heavily promote "special" events and based on my experience I would think these are great value - although I doubt I'd ever spend £200 just to feed the LIons,
We visited here twice now and each time was very different so will break it down!

Visit one was myself and my husband on a week day during term time. I had brought him a 'feed the tigers' experience. Directions from the M25 were clear and parking no problem. We spent the morning exploring the park and had a great time feeding the zebras etc. then it was time for Matts experience. It was fantastic! We had Lynn as our "guide" she volunteers on Wednesdays and Sunday's and was fantastic. So knowledgable and really wanted to make sure we had a good time. The experience was fantastic and worth every penny. We then had lunch In Sams Diner and was very dissappointed. The menu we found restrictive, food not pleasant, environment old fashioned and wouldn't visit there again. We didn't visit the paddling pool on this visit and the speedway museum was closed as it was off peak. We had a fantastic day, amazing experience with the tigers and would definitely visit again.

Visit two was very different. It was a very hot Sunday and we visited with our children aged 9 and 13 for a normal family day without an experience. The kids loved it! You can get so close to the animals they just weren't expecting it. They loved feeding the zebras, stroking reindeer, stroking a snake and watching the bird of prey show. They also enjoyed the presentations in jungle theatre and especially enjoyed getting dad dragged up to do a chameleon dance!!!! This time we took a picnic and found a shaded picnic bench with ease. This was beside the small pool which was great for younger visitors. We also went on a train ride today which was ok but had a small additional charge. The ice cream kiosks were reasonably priced and dotted aroun the site. The day was filled with fun aswell as being educational for us all! The face painter did some amazing work and would definitely reccomend her!

The toilets are easy to find and mostly clean and always with loo roll! There was also a few free activities for the kids such as a large park, the pool and a bouncy castle!

Overall we have had two fantastic days out . All we need to do now is decide when day three is!
This place is expensive for families to visit, 3 adults and 3 children came to just under £90! (tesco days out vouchers are accepted here, which helps), they charge for children aged two and over.
On a sunny day, there is plenty for the kids, numerous playgrounds, woodland walk, sand pit, paddling pool for warm days so remember the kids swimming costumes.
We always take a picnic as with all these types of places food and drink tends to be overpriced. There are plenty of picnic areas throughout both sides of the park.
At weekends the car park fills up quickly, so get there early. The car park is sandwiched in the middle of the park with the animals one side and playgrounds the other.
The negatives in my personal opinion are the animals enclosures. They look, well maintained and nice walk ways to be able to see the big cats. But for such large animals the enclosures do seem incredibly small.
Been here many times, they have changed the lay out abit now, not sure it works but overall a really lovely day out for the kids
I received a 'Tickle a Tapir' experience for my birthday so we went for our first trip to PWP. What a gem of a place. We probably timed it well with the schools back and the weather was glorious, which helped. We spent the morning visiting all the animals and listening to keepers give detailed info about them all. Every member of staff was extremely knowledgable and friendly and it was apparent they cared so much for the animals. All enclosures were clean and interesting and the animals looked happy and healthy. In the afternoon I got to meet the Tapirs - what a fantastic experience! Absolutely brilliant. We cannot wait to go again.
I must admit that I can't remeber the trip as such except from that we had a nice day out. My children at the time/and still loves animals and going to the zoo. Always worth a visit
A truly amazing wildlife park I would recommend to all ages, plenty for the kids and loads to keep the adults busy as well. One of the best I have been to. Amazed how close you get to the animals and like me if you are interested in photography it’s a must. It does cost a bit, but if you spend all day, you get your money’s worth. My tip would be get there early to see the big cats in action, as during the main part of the day, they tend to sleep.
My son 14 and I went here a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday it was a lovely sunny day, but not too busy!
Lovely for young children, so hands on with the feeding of farm animals etc!! However I still love it and so does my son it's small and compact but has a good variety of animals including the big cats.
I spend my 40th birthday feeding meerkats which was amazing and they are so adorable. All the feeding times are clearly laid out in the map and it feels like u can get up close and personal with the animals!!
My only negative is that it's a little pricey both entry and buying food. Use ur tesco vouchers for entry makes it a bit cheaper and enjoy a fab day
A friend bought me a "Breakfast With The Big Cats" experience for a special birthday which I really looked forward to.
Cassie who did the tour was excellent and answered any questions that we had. We were also given plenty of details about the individual cats and the conservation efforts that are on-going, however this soon turned out to be the problem.
Several people had brought very young children with them who got bored very quickly and as a result began crying, screaming and generally misbehaving. Don't get me wrong, as a grandmother I love children but this is not really the sort of experience for children under 5 in my opinion, as they do not have the attention span required. Unfortunately these same children also spoiled the breakfast with their noise.
If it weren't for the above spoiler I would rate the day as a 5 because the park is a great place to visit, and there is a nice selection of animals and activities for everyone of all ages.
Excellent place, I remember going to the Zoo over 30 years ago when It was very small, Over the years it has grown in size. A great day out for all ages.
We stayed overnight in one of the new apartments on site. It was nicely furnished with a wonderfully comfortable bed. There was a convertible sofa bed for children, if needed.

An amazing 'continental' breakfast covered everything from smoked salmon, cooked meats and cheeses to crumpets, cereal and toast. Excellent in every respect. This was served in the Treetops Tiger Cafe, so we looked down on the tigers whilst we ate. A fabulous experience all round. All this, and a private tour when the zoo was closed, was included in their Sleepover deal.

We found all the staff to be helpful and knowledgeable and everyone we met, with children or without, seemed to be having a great time.We went at half term - big mistake ! The cafes were full to bursting, the portions generous, but not the highest quality. Masses of entertainments and rides for the masses of children!

It might be hard going with a wheelchair , as there are quite a few high boardwalks, for viewing the animals, that would be impossible, but I don't think one would miss too much.

The animals are well card for and happy. There are 'hands on' areas where the smaller [and safer!] animals can be fed . All in all a fabulous day [or two] out. Highly recommended.
the drive throw broxbourne was to paradise wildlife park early (would advise as the carpark fills up fast ).free parking. the entry fee to wildlife pk is abit dear.
when inside everything is well designed and placed with enough space.
as the entrance ,food inside is expencive and average, good thing is the bar is open for adult drink's.
word of advice do leave the paddling pool for last, it is a well earned rest.
Great place for a day out, well laid out, good fun and loads to do. Birds of prey show was a particular highlight. You can view the big cats up really close too, but hard going up with wheelchair. Take a picnic though, food places overpriced rubbish and very chaotic.
Had a great time,The park was all laid out for everyone,Play park for the kids,A Small pool for the kids to cool.The wild life (zoo).was great.My Grandkids loved it,Food was a fair price,Beer was dear,For a pint and half a coke was £5.20p.Thought the BBQ was a bit dear aswell.£3.50p ,Better in some ways to take your own food.But over all well worth going to see.,They have done a good job on the park to suit everyone,A small play park for wheel chair bound kids aswell there,Staff were great very helpful and polite,They will help you anyway they can.Plenty of car park space, i would deffo go there again.Hope this was helpful.
Animals, shows, kids fun pool, indoor play area, fast food or healthy sandwiches. Been many times. Also a few rides and a little train. Great adventure playground too.
a well laid out zoo,lots of animals for the kids to see,particularly like the meerkat enclosure.swimming pool for kids was a nice suprise on a hot was a bit messy a chaotic,so in future will take a packed lunch.i know the animals need to be cared for etc. but the admission fees were a bit pricey.overall a pleasant day out.
It's a great place to visit and if you have small children it's perfect. There is a massive play area for the kids to spend hours of fun there and they can interact with a lot of the farm animals.
Over we love the place but the reason it didn't get 5 stars from us is
1) food very limited and a bit pricey so if u have a family bring a picnic
2) we found it a bit expensive as a couple it's £32 just walking in the gate

But apart from them two things it's a lovely day out
*Please note this is a review about my experience, not about the park itself. I was there to just look after animals, and therefore can't comment on ancillary attractions such as kids play areas.*

My husband bought me this as a birthday present, and it didn't disappoint! You get to meet so many keepers, most of whom work solely in one area and are therefore very knowledgeable about their animals. Some of the keepers look after animals that you can get very hands-on with, and this really enriched the visit as well as taking part in several feeding times.

I think I got to see each and every animal, and the keepers have such lovely bonds with them that they're instantly comfortable with a new stranger in their midst although we didn't push any animals who didn't seem too up for it. You also get to muck out some areas - beware as some visitors think you work there and start asking questions!

The day feels like a long one, in a good way, but be prepared for information overload! Also allow for the visit to be between 9-5.45; the small print says you can leave when you want but this will mean you miss out on some animals if perhaps you haven't given them advanced warning,

A great experience for an animal lover, and a privilege to get so close to the animals.
If you are looking for something exciting and unusual to do for a birthday/anniversary- Meet the Meerkats!!!!! It really was wonderful to sit among the little animals as they climbed all over us, and my boyfriend (who's 30th birthday present it was) thoroughly enjoyed it! Especially as one spent the majority of the time on his head!!! The zookeeper was extremely friendly and had so much knowledge- and took some fabulous photos on my camera which we can keep forever. Thank you so much Paradise Wildlife Park for a day we will always remember fondly.
I booked a day at late notice for my wife Carols birthday to shadow a keeper. Its not cheap but the day is a great insight to who the animals are and how the big cats are looked after. You realise that the cash goes to a great cause and its worth every penny to take part in a once in a life experience. All initial fears disappeared when Carol was introduced to Steve the keeper who is a real gent, very professional with a vast knowledge of the animals. Over the day Steve clearly expresses very informally his love of why and what he does and his enthusiasm and friendly manner is a major part of why the day was a success. All the staff from start to finish are friendly and down to earth. Under clear safe guidelines visitors are given a great and unique chance to get close to the animals and share time assisting in feeding and looking after them in a practical fashion. Afterwards you are left with a real buzz, a fantastic day make the most of it and enjoy it, we did!!!
At the weekend we went to Paradise Wildlife Park - which is truly a lovely place to go with the family. There is so much to do for such a small park - we didnt stop all day and still get ground it all. Tip for you dont give all your bag of feed to the rabbits wait till you go round the corner and hand feed the zebras and reindeer - a wonderful expereince.

Plus the animals are so close to you apart from the ones you can feed - you can touch those which was amazing, but even the lions and tigers you feel that you can get up close to them.

there is so much to do as well apart from just walking around at animals all day - perfect place to take the family - would highly recommend - i can not wait to go back.

The staff are really help as well - must make the effort to go
My Feed the Lemurs Experience was a birthday present. It was well worth the journey from Birmingham - A totally magical experience. Just amazing to be so close to these wonderful animals. The staff were really friendly and helpful. I have visited many wildilfe parks and Paradise may not be the biggest but it is one of the best I have been to.
For a relatively small zoo they have a vast array of different animals. They do shows were you can interact with the animals and you also can become a keeper for the day.
I spent the day at the Paradise Wildlife Park with a Groupon voucher. I was NOT disappointed. Despite the ordeal it took (National Rail, emergency diversions, etc) to get to Broxbourne, my whole experience at the PWP was absolutely fantastic. The Park's shuttle bus picked me up from the train station and fifteen minutes later I was petting a zebra. Once you get past the plethora of kiddie rides and mini golf (which make for a nice day out for the kids, and clearly help make the place some money to actually run a wildlife park), the wildlife park was amazing. I spent the day in the Tiger Treetops (an aerial view over the big cats enclosures) and one plexiglass-ed wall away from a white tiger. The enclosures are beautiful and get you as close as you can possibly be to the animals. They have so many different species and a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Take advantage of the Birds of Paradise show or watch one of the animal feedings. And if there are slightly too many small children running around, do the Woodland Walk, it's a beautiful, completely peaceful place and you get to see dinosaurs (not real ones, though that'd be cool). I highly recommend this truly wonderful place.
We had a monkey afternoon tea experience- a tour of the monkey areas then feeding the lemurs followed by afternoon tea.
AMAZING! feeding the lemurs has to be one of the highlights of this year
the tour guide, Amy was excellent- interesting, knowledgeable and amusing. he feeding was so exciting and the tea was ghood, a huge selection of sandwiches, scones (with cream/jam) and cakes.
This little gem og=f a zoo was unknown to me, and we only went becasue of a groupon voucher- but my children (aged 12 and 14) want to go back for another animal experience.
We could have spent longer there- loads of animals, lots of play areas and even a paddling pool
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