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5th October 2015
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So is it true that uPVC windows and doors require no attention?

Nearly, but not quite.

Certainly they are far less needy for maintenance than more traditional timber windows, but they still like you to treat them to a bit of love and attention every now and again.

We all wash our windows and frames on a (fairly) regular basis, some I am sure more than others, but occasionally the locking mechanisms and friction hinges would also benefit from a little attention.  To keep your windows working beautifully, we recommend applying a little light oil (something like WD40 or silicone spray will do the trick) to all the moving parts.  Make sure you open the sash as far as it will go, and wipe off any excess oil.  Close the sash and leave for a few minutes and then re-open and wipe off any more excess oil from the rebate of the frame.  There is a little brass screw on the moving plate of the friction stay that may need a little tightening afterwards, a quarter turn with a screwdriver will be more than enough

If your windows have a foil-finish on the uPVC, you can regain any lost shine with another spray of WD40 or silicone spray and a buff with a soft cloth.

And remember to mind your jewellery when cleaning, one of the biggest causes of scratches on glass is from rings, and on handles too!

The energy saving properties of double glazed windows have been well publicised over the years, I’m rather ashamed to admit that last winter you could stand in our kitchen and feel the full force of draught coming through!  Finally we got around to upgrading them and felt the benefit of a much warmer house immediately.

If you already have double-glazing, you can leave the frames intact and replace just the sealed glass units with modern, highly efficient units.  This cost-effective method helps you take advantage of the vast improvements in glass over the past few years.  Low-energy K-glass which reflects the heat back into the room, argon gas filling the space between the two sheets of glass and warm-edge spacer bars which slow the transfer of heat from the inner pane to the outer pane, all help keep the heat where you want it to be – inside and not out!

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