Things an Entertainer needs to know
1st July 2019
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These are all obvious things but when you book an entertainer for your event (no matter what kind of event it is), these following things are vital if not useful for your entertainer to know!

1)   Timings – Arrival time, event start time and the agreed end time. There may be set up time for your entertainer, and they may well have another event to go to after your event so they will need to get away swiftly.

2)   Full Address and postcode – The more info you give the easier it will be for your entertainer to find the venue on time and get entertaining. Leaving clues like balloons outside a house is always welcome for children’s parties. If your venue is down a country lane give precise instructions – it really makes a difference!

3)   Parking – Let your entertainer know if there is parking, will you reserve a space or is parking having to be paid for. Most entertainers have a lot of stuff to bring from the car so as near as possible to the venue main door is great.

4)   Payment arrangements – you will have agreed on booking what the payment arrangements are and it varies. On the day, pre-payment, afterwards are some examples. If you are paying on the day please make sure you have the right amount of cash, if that is the agreed method. Its always good once the entertainer turns up to the event to pay them. They don't have to search for you at the end and if your entertainer needs a quick gettaway to the next event they can do that.

5)   Let the entertainer know if there will be more guests coming to the event, or a lot less. For children's parties, ages are good too. 

6)   What else will be going on? Its useful to know if the entertainer booked is the main attraction or competing with a bouncy castle, or other entertainers.

The more information you can give your entertainer the better. However, the experienced entertainer recognises that things can change, circumstances alter and of course the weather can change!

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