Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet with Live Well and Prosper
19th February 2018
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Helen truly believes that "Health is a journey and not a destination", and
that we can all benefit from taking stock, reviewing and readdressing as we grow older or when we are faced with health challenges or conditions.

Understanding and implementing a ‘healthy supportive lifestyle’ can feel daunting and difficult to achieve, but it can be made easier and more comfortable with the support and advice of a Health Coach.

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is an empathetic person who becomes an ally in helping clients initially to identify the areas they want to change and then provide support for the client by giving relevant, manageable, attainable health supportive suggestions that will help them achieve their goal. Above all, it's about making lifestyle changes that are enjoyable, achievable and sustainable.

Typically, some clients may be coming to terms with a diagnosis or are looking for support in managing a condition, whereas others may wish to explore alternative ways of maintaining the best health possible.

Along with lifestyle, diet also plays a large part in achieving and retaining good health. There isn’t a 'right  diet' that works for everyone and often the food we eat is both the cause and consequence of our lifestyle choices and how we feel. Total wellbeing is also heavily influenced by non food-related forms of nourishment such as careers, relationships, physical activities, spirituality and rest.

In Helen's role as a Health Coach, she works holistically with each client and takes her lead from them. Helen currently works as a Health Coach with ‘Know Your Own Health’ NHS.

Are you looking for better health, wellbeing and lifestyle?

Helen of Live Well and Prosper provides solutions to two key factors that have a significant impact on people's lives in the modern age: health and financial security. Her aim is to understand, engage with, inform and support her clients in finding a workable solution and establish achievable goals.

Live Well and Prosper is a health and wellbeing business that can help empower individuals to improve their health with:

  • Health Coaching
  • Nutritional supplement advice and support
  • Products to reduce exposure to EMF radiation

And potentially improve your lifestyle with:

  • Technology
  • The financial rewards of a network marketing business with World GN or Synergy

If this sounds like something that would interest you, then do give Helen at Live Well and Prosper a call on 07545 227272 - it could be the most important call you make for YOU today!

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