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28th October 2012
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Halloween is the scariest night of the year. All around the world, people will be celebrating spookiness in one form or another.

On 31 October there are loads of Halloween traditions going on. If you are thinking of attending a Halloween event then click here.

If you go to a party, expect stuff like:

• Scary fancy dress

• Bobbing for apples

• Telling ghost stories

Children would have made pumpkin lanterns and go around knocking on peoples doors for trick or treating.

But not everyone likes celebrating Halloween. Some religious people believe that making a game out of evil spirits and witches is wrong.

It’s supposed to be one of the scariest nights of the year but how much do you really know about Halloween?

Ever wondered which group of people started Halloween? Well it was started many moons ago by the Celts. It started off as the Celtic festival or Samhain but was later renamed All Hallows Eve.

The shops are delighted when Halloween comes round because for all UK shops they make more money from Halloween then they do on fireworks night. So it is a real money spinner for them.

I think we all assume that Halloween was an American tradition. But surprisingly it was in Europe that it started. It travelled over to America with Immigrants and then exported back to Europe.

It’s funny how things turn out, the Celts who originally celebrated Samhain didn't have pumpkins so they made lanterns out of turnips.

They were first used by Irish immigrants in the USA who couldn't find any turnips.

The original trick or treats were fruit and nuts. They were left outside on doorsteps to cheer up any wandering ghosts that may have come back to their old house.

The Celts also started Fancy Dress as we know it. They would wear masks because they believed that if the evil spirits thought you were a ghost or demon they would not attack you and cause any harm.

The tradition of lighting lanterns was so that you could find your way in the dark and equally they were to scare off any ghosts.

When carving a pumpkin the scarier the better it represents an evil spirit or demon.

Hope you all have a frightening Halloween and be safe when trick or treating.

Happy Halloween!

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