What Do I Get From Networking?
1st March 2012
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Last night I had a very interesting telephone conversation with a friend who believes that he does not need to network or build relationships for his business. He is in the Entertainment and Leisure industry and most of his business comes from other travel agents in the UK and abroad – if that is not a form a networking / relationship building then I do not know what is.  

We all belong to a number of networks and are not even aware of them. My friend mentioned that he is comfortable talking to fellow passengers (who are strangers) in the train every evening and frequently he meets the same people over time and one such conversation led to a large corporate booking last month! It was interesting to hear that while he was so adamant that his business cannot benefit from a formal networking event, he seems to get all his clients by word of mouth and referrals.

When he dropped the ultimate question in conversation “What have you gained from all the networking you do and have you got any business out of it?”, I suddenly realised that it was through networking that I had initially got involved with Link4Growth and also not only did all my business come from networking but I had personally developed tremendously from my networking activities.

Every business owner needs a platform to share ideas, seek advice and support, learn from others and last but not least get advocates for their products and services for the business to prosper and be successful. Networking is a very essential part of running a business as one cannot be in business on their own, we all are part of network and we are always networking, with or without intent!

Networking is not only about business, it can be about personal interests and passions or a common cause. Networking is a very important part of my life, I feel alive and human by being part of the various networks I belong to. What does networking mean to you........?

This blog was written by Dipa Kotak. 

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