Top Tips For Revision
17th April 2011
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Exam season is here again. Exam time can cause alot of stress and anxiety for alot of students.

If like me you don't like revising then have a read of the tips below to help you.

1. Organise your work by subject, topic, any category that suits you.

2. Make a timetable: You may not always stick to it 100% but it gives you a rough estimate of how much effort and revision you have to do for your exams.

3. Make it stand out: Nothing is more tedious than starring at a page of writing.     Colour code, highlight, use different colour pens or paper even make posters. Try and make your notes as diverse as you can.  

4. Chunk your work: Break your revision into chunks with regular breaks.

5. Make it interactive: Try and create games and ways of revising in a group. It     always makes it more fun. Plus sharing revision tips is always helpful.

6. Determination: Revision is always most effective when you are determined and focussed on getting the grade you need. Giving up some T.V. or going out with friends to do extra revision will all be worth it in the end!

Good luck!

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