To Specialise or not
13th June 2012
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To Specialise or not Edit Blog Entry

These days whenever you talk to business consultants the first question they ask you is what is your "speciality", what is your "USP". If you say for example that you sell computers, then this is not specialising. They will then ask which computer - desk top, lap top, etc.
I find that we are really going too far with the concept of specialising. Nowadays there is no such thing as a job for life. We are required to have more than one skill and may be more than one job or for that matter more than one business.
So would it not be to our disadvantage to specialise in only one thing? Personally I think we need to have a broader knowledge and capitalise on different opportunities within the same field rather than narrowing it down.
With globalisation, internet and changing technology we cannot afford to have just one speciality or skill if we are to survive.

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