The Smooth Street To Smooth Skin
24th August 2011
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In order to have healthy skin you have got to be healthy! The skin is like the human packaging and you have to admit if a product is not packaged properly it’s probably not right on the inside.


  • Make sure you’re eating lots of FRESH fruit and veg, also adding vitamin supplements to your diet will definetely make you feel alot healthier (I use boots vitamin c and zinc to keep my immune system strong and  Holland & Barrets skin, hair and nails (which is brilliant)
  • Drink lots of water! It really does cleanse you! Flush out your system! Try going a week WITHOUT juice, fizzy drinks and alcohol .. yes a WEEK a whole 7 days!!! *gasp*
  • Exercise - In order to flush out your pores you’ve gotta sweat and the most efficient and beneficial way to sweat is to get moving and burn some calories. This will give your skin a health glow =)
  • Wash and moisturise your face twice a day with ionic surfactantFREE alcoholFREE products. Products containing ionic surfactant and alcohol dry out the skin. Natural ingredients may sound like hocus pocus but are just as good if not even better than commercial cosmetics. My regime goes as follows:
    1 - Wash face with raw organic honey
    2 - Exfoliate with sugar and lemon scrub
    3 - Leave face to air dry naturally (do not use a towel/flannel)
    4 - Apply witchhazel and rosewater with cotton pad as a toner
    5 - Apply coconut oil with a cotton pad to moisturise
    NO chemicals NO expensive cosmetics just good old fashion God-given ingredients straight from nature.

DON’T! …

  • Smoke. Smoking is out of the question … QUIT NOW, if you’ve got bad skin I gurantee this is not helping!
  • Binge. Excessive alcohol consumption is a NO NO alcohol is just sugar… and as we ALL know by now excess sugar = excess pimples!!
  • Eat greasy and oily foods.. all that McDonald’s is great at blocking your pores and I won’t bore you with the science of it but you are what you eat really is quite literal in this case.
  • Paint your face. Foundation and blushers give your skin no space to breathe. Clog your pores and dry out your skin.. the more you wear them the more the harm you skin and so you feel the need to wear the more it’s a viscious cycle. If you know your dependant on foundations and you wouldn’t be seen in public without it you need to get brave and start weening yourself off them. Start off by not wearing them to school, college university, work.. who are you trying to impress you are in these places to get an education or make money not to find a husband!! Hopefully releasing your skin from its powder prison will help it to revive itself and soon enough (if treating it right as stated above) it will start to even out.

This is all from personal experience and it may be stuff that you’ve heard before but is it something that you’ve really tried and stuck to?? .. It wouldn’t hurt to give it another go for a week or a month and see if you notice any change in your complexion.

Have a Beutickle day

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