The Importance of Testimonials
9th September 2011
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Testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of marketing and yet, so many businesses still don't use them in their marketing!


At thebestofharrow, everything we do is centred around testimonials, they are at the core of our ethos and we want our business members to collect as many as they possibly can - not just at the beginning of their membership but throughout.


Testimonials help to position you very clearly as one of the best businesses in your area of expertise.  People who are looking for your product or service can simply come along to your feature and see, very easily, why people think you are one of the best businesses in town.


What other people say about you holds a lot more weight than what you say about yourself and that's why word of mouth can transform your marketing making it deeper, more real and less like 'advertising'.


As part of the Standard Package (17 Core Essentials) every testimonial your customers add is saved in a Testimonial Bank on the site - the more you have the better.  Think of it like ebay - if two sellers have the same product but one of them has a high feedback score and the other has a low one - you're going to go with the one with the high score aren't you?


The same goes for your feature - the more testimonials you have, the more you will be positioning yourself as clearly a very highly recommended local business.  We've got the stats to show that businesses with lots of testimonials get more new leads and enquiries too!


So what are you waiting for?  It's time to get a few testimonials in the bag!

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