Simple Exercises to Help You Lose Weight
19th March 2012
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Simple Exercises


Most of you know about Resistance Bands but don’t use them; however what you should know is how effective this simple tool can be.  Resistance bands are a great way to work off weight and build up strength.  These bands are very easy to use and can conveniently be taken and stored where you wish.

Take the stairs - if you work in a building where theirs stairs avoid the elevator, just by walking/running up those stairs will burn calories.

Sucking in your stomach - throughout the day helps to tighten your stomach muscles while your walking sitting this simple exercise can help.

Housework - throw on some music and clean your house, not only will your house be spotless but just by doing 30 minutes of hovering, dusting, even gardening will burn of those calories and get the heart rate up.


Hope these few tips can help you kick start your exercise regime.

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