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5th July 2011
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Since taking on Thebestof Harrow we have attended a couple of networking events.  Being very new to the networking community within Harrow we were very nervous about attending, though we were pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming the groups have been.

We can honestly say, everyone of the Networking Events we attended and listed below, we would feel happy in recommending them.  However depending on the type of people and businesses you wish to meet and the way you like doing business, some have different things to offer. 

What we will say is do not expect Networking to be a quick win, don’t go to sell and never walk into a room and walk out at the end, disappointed that you have not been passed any work or a referral on a plate.  Networking is all about relationship building, overtime you will get to KNOW and (hopefully) LIKE the people in your groups.  You will begin to understand each other’s businesses and what they are looking for and how you can help them and over time you will then build the TRUST, that allows for you to recommend and work together to enhance and grow your businesses.

Anyone still thinking about trying or being nervous about networking for the first time, we would highly recommend you give it a try!!  The friendliness and willingness of most people who try their very best to help you, has quite simply astounded us.  We have listed two of the networking groups we have attended in Harrow and provided the contact details for you to find out more or book on directly.


This is a fortnightly breakfast (8am) group meeting at The Travellers Rest, Kenton Road, Harrow.  You can visit up to 3 times at £10 per visit along with a buffet style breakfast!  Again not highly formal although there is a structure to the meeting which allows you to really get to know people and make valuable contacts.  Everyone has 40 seconds to tell everyone what they do and then three 1-2-1 meetings so you can find out in more detail what they do.  After your visits you can then choose to join via a number of schemes which would then allow you to visit any 4Networking meeting, locally or nationally.

Emma Jones - (Twitter: @Emmajaynejones)


Business Biscotti

Held on the last Thursday of every month between 9:30-11:30am at Basepoint Business Centre, Field End Road, Eastcote. This is a very informal meeting as there is no set format. You give a donation of £3 at the door to cover the cost of tea's and coffee and then you network with the attendees. Plus you can come and go as you please.

David Elliot -

If you know of any other networking groups then we would love to hear from you. Please email us at



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