Lyre Bird
12th July 2012
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The other day when I went to my regular supermarket I decided to use one of the self service tills. Initially there were 2 self service tills and now there were about 10 of these self service tills.

Usually I never use the self service tills, however this time I decided to use one. While I was using it I made a mistake and had to call one of the two staff manning the 10 tills to help me. The staff came straight away and helped me and very proudly informed me that it was new technology and it was easy to get used to it etc, etc.

I realised the staff was promoting the new technology and it reminded me of Lyre Bird, as presented by Sir David Attenborough in one of his brilliant wild life programmes - Link is The Lyre bird could mimic many different sounds including the sound of the chain saws which were destroying its forest.

The questions that come to mind are: why do we not realise that we are destroying our jobs? how are the supermarkets going to back up their argument that they are creating jobs? do the supermarkets realise that the people they employ also spend their money with them? what are the supermarkets going to do with the savings?The point is that not all technology is good for the society.

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