Learn How to Manage Your Anger
16th March 2012
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Anger can be a dangerous and unacceptable emotion, especially in the workplace. It can lead to outbursts of rage that could end in violence, and if your behaviour really becomes disruptive and unacceptable, you can end up losing your job.

Here are some great anger management tips from Carole Spiers:

  • If you feel yourself starting to become angry and you want to shout at someone, make a conscious effort to walk away from the situation. If you then do some deep breathing exercises for at least five minutes, in a quiet place, you will feel your anger start to dissipate. You must then try to rationalise why you were so angry and then return to what you were doing beforehand.
  • We all tend to think we are always right, even when we are demonstrably wrong! The solution is to give others a chance to express their opinions: to actively listen to what is being said and then to use rational discussion to examine the argument rather than becoming angry and shouting. I know that this is often easier said then done. It takes practice, but it works.
  • In meetings, be conscious that raised voices can quickly lead to conflict. Keep your personal feelings under control — be aware of your body language — anger is easily transmitted through actions and facial expression, as well as actual words.

Before an emotional outburst, count to ten and by the time you get there, you may have diffused the anger inside of yourself.

However, if there is a pattern of angry outbursts, for instance on a daily basis, then this may well be the time to seek professional medical advice as your body may have an imbalance that require tests to ascertain the cause. But do not ignore it.

The author is a BBC guest-broadcaster and Motivational Speaker Carole Spiers. She is CEO of an international stress management and employee wellbeing consultancy based in London.


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