How to Combat Bad Breath
11th April 2011
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Have you ever suffered from bad breath? If you have, has anyone ever told you!

Well, there's no need to worry as the tips below will help you keep a clean and fresh mouth.


1 - Brush teeth after breakfast and dinner and get professional cleaning done.

2 - Floss teeth to remove food particles from between the teeth.

3 - Clean your tongue using a tongue scraper.

4 - Drink plenty of fluids.

5 - Chew sugar free gum for 2 mins to stimulate saliva flow especially if the mouth feels dry.

6 - Rinse mouth with water every time you drink or eat especially milk products, coffee, fish or meat.

7 - Denture wearers may soak dentures in antiseptic fluid or water overnight.

8 - Use a suitable mouthwash or even better wash frequently with water.

9 - Eat fresh fibrous vegetables such as carrots.

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