How to Choose a Good Personal Trainer in West London
20th February 2012
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1. You need to find a Personal Trainer you can trust and who you will enjoy working with. You can get to know your Personal trainer by coming along to a gym and taking advantage of group workouts.

2. A good Personal Trainer will always make sure you warm up your muscles first and stretch out afterwards.

3. Many people start an exercise programme with great intentions but motivation can wane.....a Personal Trainer will keep you motivated and keep your exercise programme interesting and varied.

4. A good Personal Trainer will work out a fitness programme which is personalised for your fitness level and goals and which works around your schedule of work and other commitments.

5. A good Personal Trainer will design a programme taking into account your current fitness level, any injuries and with understanding of your limitations.

6. A good Personal Trainer will carefully monitor your progress and provide a safe exercise programme taking into account any areas of injury and weakness or chronic health conditions.

7. Your Personal Trainer will provide objective feedback about your limits and strengths

8. A good Personal Trainer will keep in mind a timetable for any specific goals you have, such as a special event or weight loss or if you have a specific goal e.g. running a marathon etc.

9. A good Personal Trainer will give you 'one on one' advice, guidance and motivation to get a training programme That's right for you.

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