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11th July 2011
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Have you considered running vicinity searches locations near you using tools like Twitter? These types of searches drive awareness of your physical location and start engaging with customers.

We have outlined some key practices for you to start finding relevant people and places online to follow:

To start, Think about a topic of influence around your business, or a topic of interest. For example, a cafe owner may like to monitor all mentions of coffee in his local community. you can do this easily with Twitters search tool.

OK, now visit and enter your keyword(s). You will now see a live stream of everyone in the world mentioning the word coffee in their tweets! 

Great! Now, let’s Refine your search to show local tweets only. This next step will help you see the clear benefits to your marketing.

Let’s type in coffee (or your keyword) again, but now we will use “near:” and “within:” to find out what people are saying in the vicinity of a specific location. For near: you can use a large area like City (London).

Your search might look like this "coffee near:london within:15km.

Great work! You are now seeing people around your local area. This is critical for any business that deals with people to monitor. At thebestof, for example, our thebestof areas monitor local activity and get the public to engage with the best local business. It's an easy way to start talking directly to the customer.

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