10 Reasons to Come to Ford Fitness Boxercise Classes
24th November 2011
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Ford Fitness Boxercise classes are powerful and life-changing. Here's how: 


1.   Lose Weight. Boxercise burns lots of calories-and raises your metabolism so you consume them at a higher rate than a sedentary person even when you're not exercising. You can control your weight without starving yourself by eating a healthy, balanced diet.


2.   Relief from Stress. Take out your stress on the boxing bags!


3.   Feel more confident. As you begin to feel and look fitter and healthier, you gain will self-confidence. 


4.   Tone Up. By working out, you're losing fat and gaining muscle. Regular exercisers often have body fat levels at least 5% lower than the average person. You'll probably go down a clothing size or two, because muscle, though heavier than fat, takes up less space. 


5.   Make Friends. We work individually and as a group. You will meet lots of other like-minded motivated people.


6.   Energise! Working out can raise the amount of oxygen your muscles can use by up to 40%. That means you will have more energy and everyday tasks become easier. 


7.   Healthier You. Aerobic exercise bolsters your immune system. You're better prepared to fight off viruses and other germs. Endurance sports such as boxing strengthen your cardiovascular system. Your heart becomes more efficient and less susceptible to disease. 


8.   It’s Fun. At Ford Fitness we work hard but we make it fun. 


9.   Special Offer. At the moment we are offering one weeks free unlimited boxercise classes – At Ford Fitness we believe nothing is more motivating than results – test it out for yourself.


10. Convenience. Ford Fitness have classes every weekday Monday to Friday – 6:30 – 7:30pm and 7:30 – 8:30pm. Saturdays 10am – 11am and 11am – 12am.


Come and join our dedicated trainers and members in a total body workout which is guaranteed to make you feel fitter, firmer and full of energy.


To book your space call now on 07960 494777.



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