Great reviews for Indian market kitchen Potli
24th November 2011
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I wrote a blog about The Duchess of Cambridge last night and the great success our new favourite local is having with reviews.  No sooner had the digital quill found its mark (i.e. after the painful process of loading the thing on our soon-to-be-upgraded website) than I got a polite note from the Head Chef at our other new local star performer - Potli - The Indian market Kitchen on King Street, mentioning that they have had a quite exceptional run of reviews in the last few months since they opened.

I read them all at the time and was impressed.  Reading them again I'm amazed at quite how well Jay Ghosh and Uttam Tripathy have done to get the reviews they have.  Potli has become a firm favourite with many locals and despite there being a wide choice of eateries in the area none quite come close in quality and value or sheer ingenuity.

The reviews they've had so far include by Anne Flaherty who clearly knows what she's talking about.

Roopa Gulati - another very experienced reviewer and occasionally quite demanding critic - gave the boys a fantastic.  I was forced to agree with the appraisal of my favourite dish on the menu.  "The main courses were outstanding. Punjabi-style mutton curry, tender and cooked on the bone, had a rich tomato masala emboldened with meaty robustness and hits of shredded ginger. It was a hearty staple which would win the approval of the toughest of Indian truckers."

Fay Maschler can be relied upon to give a new resto a good going over but even she found the (at that time brand brand new) Potli in good shape.  

I love her writing anyway, but this really caught my eye.  "A Hyderabad lamb biriyani, although not seemingly cooked by the dum method, was good, as were tarka dal, saag paneer and pindi channa, all rich with butter or ghee. Potli - spice bags akin in cooking function to muslin-wrapped bouquet garni - are part of the jolly homespun décor. The non-alcoholic cocktail list titled Unspiked Fun took me back to India faster than a jet plane."

And finally - the review by Mark O'Donnell for View London was one of my favourites.  It contained the memorable line "With vibrant flavours, authentic cooking and a menu that’ll make you want to return to work your way through it, Potli is an excellent addition to the swathe of restaurants around Ravenscourt Park.  If you live nearby, count yourself very lucky indeed."

Quite right, and we are very lucky to have loads of local gems on our doorstep. Amongst them all, Potli really stands out as a star.

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