Glare Control!
2nd December 2013
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Written by Archana and Uploaded by Sally M

Presenting the ultimate in glare control. Are you a gamer? Do you look at a smart phone? Are your eyes glued to a VDU monitor most of the day?? If so we have a lens for you! This is not just any lens.

This BRAND NEW lens available at Vision Optique London eliminates glare without a tint! NOT ONLY THAT but it also reduces fatigue and eliminates harmful blue light into the eye which causes cataract and causes your brain to continue to race after looking at a screen. No need to wake up tired anymore! With a blue tinge to it, this is the best looking CLEAR lens I have come across. Come in and try it out for yourself. FREE DEMO in store now.

Vision Optique London
142 Hammersmith Road
London W6 7JP

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