Guildford send Guernsey packing - Rugby report Saturday 12th Feb 2011
15th February 2011
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Guildford sends Guernsey packing !!

A well deserved win for our local boys in blue in the most important match of the season last Saturday!

Seemingly unbeatable Guernsey have watched their lead at the top of the London Division 2 South West League slowly dwindle as Guildford has clawed it's way to the top.

The overall points score for Guernsey remains higher but this is because Guildford simply don't have a 'kicker' they have conceded points difference match after match on the basis that they rarely convert tries or penalties! so ... whilst their kicking record is deplorable they can conversely pride themselves on the fact that pretty much all their points have been gained in the most traditional and honourable way possible - Tries!

Whilst kicking Guernsey’s vision of invincibility into touch was undoubtedly a highlight of this Saturday, in reality the contest has only really just begun with both top teams facing some very tough matches in the coming weeks, including an away match against Guernsey with the odds on this occasion in Guernsey's favour at their own home ground.

Guildford's performance on Saturday was outstanding with an early try after only 3 minutes into the start by Guildford Hooker Tom Bridgland, this must have had a psychological effect on Guernsey right from the start!!

If you enjoy rugby and live locally, for heaven’s sake come and support us and your local club!

Its great fun to watch and there are some great people to meet and talk to and… it’s LOCAL!!

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