Are you mad about steak? - do you demand the best steak in guildford?
14th September 2011
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Are you really mad about steak? Are you fed up with being fobbed off with a tough lump of grissle which is supposed to be the perfect cut?

Time and time again I've been to places that say they specilaise in one food only to find that the end result is not only expensive but also very un-inspiring.

With steak it's oh so important that the meat is good in the first place, but almost as bad is a restaurant that serves great meat but cooks it appallingly and the problem with us Brits is that we don't complain, because we don't want to make a fuss!

Wild Garlic isn't just a steak house, they also serve traditional food and contemporary dishes including beautiful freshly sourced seafood and fish brought down from Billingsgate every day..... as well as superb steaks.

Owned and run by local restauranteer Chris Connor, Wild Garlic has been going for just over a year now.

You can order three different cuts of meat in three different weights - it's 'proper' locally sourced prime grade beef cooked expertly by Wild Garlic's experienced chefs in relaxed, friendly surroundings at the top of the high street ... and if you don't like how it's done - just send it back andf they'll bring you another one!

So... next time you're thinking of tucking into a juicy steak,  give Wild Garlic a try and let us know what you thought.

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