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Is fast weight loss Biggest Loser style safe? One of the questions I've been asked frequently since I joined the Biggest Loser team is whether such big weekly weight losses should be encouraged, and are they safe.
The dates for your diary are 1 June to 31 July 2012 and the brochure - when its out on the streets at the beginning of May will contain all the events in the Borough for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the torch relay and the Olympics.....
Sale discounts on Autumn Winter clothing. New Spring Summer Collections already arriving. Baby Ceylon and NYDJ next week in both Guildford and Godalming shops.
choosing the right exercises for you based on your specific needs, goals and physiological profile
The study by Northwestern Health University followed a group of 272 adults with neck pain. It split them into three groups with one group using pain relief, one group visiting a chiropractor and one group relying on a home exercise regime.
How to stay safe when skiing. Advice from Chiropractors at Luck's Yard Clinic in Guildford area.
Charlotte runs Phoenix Pro-Fitness in Godalming where she specialises in providing a unique combination of one-on-one personal training in a group programme.
Biggest Loser Trainer Charlotte Ord's top 10 fitness predictions for 2012.
Why stretching isn't always the answer to short, stiff muscles
People often ask me how many times a week they should exercise if they want to lose fat. A study conducted by Buck et al (2009)* looked at the effects of exercise frequency using a subject group of 90 subjects ranging in age from 22 to 74.
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