Fitness in Guildford - Are you doing the right exercises for you?
17th January 2012
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If you're looking for a quick fat loss or fitness fix, a simple internet search will yield a plentiful supply of strategically marketed latest trends and fads. In reality, these products and ideas rarely offer the result you're really looking for unless you have considered their application in terms of your specific needs and goals.. 

The way to establish which exercises are correct for you as an individual is really a process of eliminating those exercises that are not right for you based on your weaknesses and specific biomarkers. It is no good whipping a high-tech move you've seen on on youtube and putting it into your routine if there's been no consideration for how it fits with the rest of your program, or indeed whether it is a suitable exercise for you and your goals. 

Correct exercise selection is first a case of stripping away those exercises that are not required or suitable and focusing on those that will provide the biggest bang for buck. This may equate to exercises that correct improper movement patterns, postural limitations, strength, speed, power, or a combination thereof. The key then is repetition and strategic progression once improvements in the targeted area have been noted, rather than a constant jumping from one random workout to the next with no recurring themes or common threads.

A biomechanical assessment and movement screen from a qualified professional, like the ones we offer at Phoenix Pro Fitness, is a highly recommended investment to get you started.

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