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20th July 2011
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The Best of Guernsey Team were invited to join a Yoga Flow class with Be inspired last night to see what Emma Despres offers in the way of relaxation, mantra and well, being inspired.


I have not attended a yoga class for about 10 years so was excited at the prospect and slightly apprehensive, but I was also blissfully forgetful that it would make me work and hurt a bit.  You will have to excuse me if I don't remember the names for all the poses and exercises but you will see the class through my eyes or should I say, thighs!


Kate and I arrived at St Peter's Community Hall and we were instantly hit with a lovely aroma of incense as we entered the hut that would be our area of tranquility for the next hour or so.   Immediately I started to feel relaxed and as my bare feet tip toed across the cool floor to my space of 'zen' I couldn't wait to lie down with my eyes shut.

We started off with some breathing exercises in the 'Savasana' - Corpse Pose to really concentrate on relaxing the mind and the body, and I was soon joining in and attuned with the breathy chorus.

As Emma talked us through our moves I couldn't help but notice how beautifully she spoke.  I honestly could have listened to her soothing tones all day and been relaxed!  This really helped as it made each move, however hard I was finding them, seem more relaxing.

The poses I enjoyed the most were the 'Tuladandasana' - Balancing Stick Pose because I felt it stretched me from head to toe and the 'Cobra' when you lie on your front raising your body with your arms but with your pelvic bones to the floor.  It really works the bottom of your back and your arms at the same time.  

Towards the end of the class we lay back down on the mat, with support for our necks (if needed), a rug to make us nice and warm and a lavender patch to cover our eyes.  We concentrated on breathing again and relaxing our muscles. I was so relaxed by the end that I think if I'd been left any longer it would have been 'night night' for me!

I returned home feeling like I had definitely worked some muscles that had not had much attention for a while and after an amazing night's sleep, today I only have a little ache in my shoulders but that is to be expected.  To be honest I thought I would ache more!  Emma said that this will help with the release of any energy blocks on all the other levels too which is great to hear.

So what are the benefits of yoga?

  • Strength
  • Wellbeing
  • Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Flexibility
  • Meditation

Emma says her classes are;

"suitable for all levels of ability from absolute beginners to those with an existing practice.  My intention for the Yoga Flow classes is to take people on their own journey to increase their overall sense of wellbeing, linking breath with movement and providing the opportunity for students to do as much or as little as they like depending on their level of experience, medical conditions and how they feel on any given day".  

"Non-competitive in approach, I like the classes to be a joyful, uplifting, relaxing and de-stressing experience for everyone".

If you would like to give yoga a go or restart your passion for it I would thoroughly recommend Emma Despres from Be inspired as a knowledgeable, calm, warm and absolutely first-rate teacher.


So if I have 'inspired' you to go, why not take up her current offer of £1.00 off a first class, just mention 'The Best of Guernsey'. 

Emma is also running a Herm Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat from the 11th to 13th November.

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