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11th November 2011
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When I set out on my voyage into the daunting world of work experience, I admit I had my apprehensions.

While my peers ventured into the well established realms of Guernsey finance, law and journalism it seemed that there might not be much available to accommodate a budding young scientist such as myself. Then a little bird called Mrs Garnett (Elizabeth College librarian and work-experience co-odrinator) mentioned a Civil Engineering Contractor called Geomarine, and I was sold.


What stands out in my memory about my week at Geomarine is the warmth and approachability of every single member of the business. From the senior management right down to the operator of 'the boring machine', I was never short of a friendly face and a casual offer of a quick tea break; they even stuck to the work experience cliché of getting me to make it for them!

But my week was far from the typical 9 to 5 work experience. Not only did I get kitted out in fluorescent vest, hard hat, ear defenders, sunglasses and steel toe capped boots, but I also got to see almost every single segment of Geomarine itself. I embarked upon site visits to the new school at Les Beaucamps, bore hole drilling at a privately owned property, sea defences at Perelle, drainage work near The Bridge and at the docks and the reconstruction of a warehouse along Bulwer Avenue.

I learnt the calculations behind piling with John, saw all the different drills and machinery with Bill, discovered the subtle arts of concreting and pleasing the States officials with Monty, worked through quotes and drainage work with Jake and even spent a day in the office compiling folders for a new project under the watchful eyes of Ben. I even managed to find a fellow Green Day fan in Stu, who trusted me enough to let me in on a top secret meeting with some States Engineers, the details of which still remain under lock and key.

Throughout the experience the Managing Director at Geomarine, Mr Chris Wrench, was always more than happy to point me in the right direction and help me out with what needed to be done. A week at Geomarine could quite easily have ended up as the typical office errand boy, but thanks to the efforts and eagerness of everyone involved the week became not only an inspiring and insightful view into how Civil Engineering works, but a true adventure into the heart of a fully functioning machine with all its different divisions and gears.

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to undertake work experience with Geomarine, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone else looking for more than your average week.

Top class lads!


(Picture - Jack was awarded first prize for 'Best Work Experience Blog' from Martel-Dunn Recruitment.
Left to Right Chris Wrench, Geomarine - Jack Heywood, Elizabeth College - Sandra Martel-Dunn)


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