9th January 2019
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We are often so busy promoting our fantastic clients and the services they offer that we forget to mention the services thebestof Guernsey can offer your business.

Here is a quick rundown on what we provide, and an update on how many locals our newsletter, social media platforms and website reaches, to show why so many local businesses have already signed up with us to be counted among the very best of Guernsey.

Here at thebestof Guernsey we truly believe that local people want to support local businesses, to keep our island prosperous and the best place to live and work in the world. Our business directory offers locals an easy way to find tradesmen, hotels, shops and other fantastic businesses in Guernsey that share this belief.

The directory can be searched alphabetically or by categories, with thebestof Guernsey business members able to choose when they sign up what categories they want to be included in, and which category of those they wish to be ranked top spot in. The directory leads to our comprehensive features, explaining all about each business member and the services and products they offer.

The features we write for our members are created with search engine optimisation in mind, meaning that they will rank highly on Google - often in first place on keyword searches targeted at your specific type of business in Guernsey! This makes sure that locals will see your business online, above the websites of your competitors, wherever and whenever they search for a local provider of the services you offer.

If you become business member of thebestof Guernsey then your customers can post reviews of your business to your feature page on our site, recommending your business to other locals. We have seen that members with a lot of reviews attract lots more enquiries from potential customers. Your growing list of reviews will become an ongoing testament to the great work that you do, encouraging other local people to choose your business over your competition.

Of course we will be one of those many voices, regularly recommending your business to our nearly 12,000 FacebookTwitter, Instagram and LinkedIn followers. We won't just be promoting you online either, as thebestof Guernsey pink bus will give your business even further exposure to locals on Guernsey roads!

We blog about our members too, and advertise their special offers and events, all of which are written and optimised to rank highly on Google as well. Once you are a member your business will also start popping up on Facebook for locals that have ever viewed this website, which gets over 20,000 page views per month. Members are also advertised on banners on this website.

Local Marketing Made Easy

Our promotion of your business continues into email too, with our very popular e-newsletters which reach over 13,000 locals weekly. Each newsletter shines a spotlight on five member businesses, while also linking to recent blogs, events and special offers running that week, and we also hold competitions too. Check out this example of a past newsletter.

So if you do not have a strong web presence we can fill that role for you. For members with an existing web presence we help you to bolster it, to reach even more people. We will link to your website or online store from your feature, and on social media, driving more traffic towards your own website.

All of the above gives you even more viral word of mouth marketing, across this site and social media - we want to get people talking about your business, using your business, helping you to grow - because what is good for your business is good for Guernsey too.

Members of thebestof Guernsey can take advantage of our casual and enjoyable networking events where they can build relationships with our other member businesses. These popular events are varied in format and often lead to even more business possibilities - from members getting together to cross-promote each other's businesses, on social media to each other's customers, to giving each other preferential rates, and more.

This is fantastic because it backs up our core belief that locals want to use local businesses, to keep local money within the island to boost our great economy, so that Guernsey remains the absolute best place to live and work.

In this information age where word of mouth is everything, internet use and habits are evolving daily at a rapid pace that can make your head spin. It is becoming increasingly harder to get your business noticed amidst the growing flood of social media and information that is competing for everyone's attention.

Instead of drowning in that ocean of online voices, let us lift you up, to the top of those search engines and social media feeds, so that locals can find you when they need you. Let us make you that dependable rock of assured quality in a huge chaotic sea of possibilities: Just like a little place called Guernsey.

Get Found Get Noticed

Any size of local business, from a sole trader to a large company, can benefit from our services, with packages starting from £75/month, with an initial set-up fee of £250.

For more information read our online brochure and get in contact with Rick by email at guernsey@thebestof.co.uk or by phone on 07781 122852. We would love to help promote your business.

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