What is Lot 20?
28th June 2023
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The Facts

Installed heating will gain new, advanced controls

Portable heating can no longer be wall mounted

Electric fires will gain additional features and controls

Gas fires will now feature an energy rating (ECO) label

It will save you money on your energy bills, by preventing you paying for wasted energy

How exactly will the products change?

Installed Heating

Lot 20 requires any installed electric heater manufactured from January 2018 to have an electronic thermostat with a 24-hour, 7 day timer with either adaptive start or an open window sensor. Currently, Dimplex already has a range of products that comply with the new legislation: QuantumQRadBPH and the LST. The new compliant products to look out for are the PLXE and XLE panel heaters.

This legislation only affects heaters that were manufactured after January 2018, so if you have recently invested in new installed home heating that doesn’t comply, then do not panic. If you are looking to upgrade your heating however, now is the opportune time due to the new requirements for energy saving capabilities.

Portable Heating

The majority of Dimplex portables already feature an integrated thermostat, and so meet the standards of EcoDesign. Another legislation change for electric portable heating is that products that require wall mounting must now feature a 24-hour, 7 day timer with either adaptive start or an open window sensor. Development of these products is currently underway.
Gas and Electric fires

All new EcoDesign compliant electric fires (except those that are portable), will include additional features which could include timer controls and remote-control heating. Please view the product listing to see which features are included in the particular product.

Under the new legislation, gas fires will now feature an energy rating ECO Label, similar to those on white goods such as fridges, which will show the heat output and the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI).

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