The Best of Guernsey just got Even Better!
4th July 2012
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The Best of Guernsey is pleased to introudce our new interactive, community based and social media integrated website!


This is THE place to find thebest local businesses, offers and events and we are sure you will all find it an even better place to search for everything local.


This is not just a cosmetic change or some new features. It’s the result of months and months of planning and hard work behind the scenes with the new website being created from scratch.

Benefits for the local community:
For local people (and visitors) the site provides  easy access to local information whether about great local businesses, interesting local events or general local information.

  • Share events, offers, testimonials and businesses across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email
  • Make the site your own - personalised to you
  • Ease of use and navigation
  • Your latest searches
  • Offer of the day/month
  • Local forums to have your say
  • Your own address book
  • Become a Buy Local campaign supporter

Benefits for our Strategic Partners:
For local charities, clubs, groups, socities, schools and associations we want to provide you with a central point to help promote yourselves.

  • Showcase local charities, clubs, groups, societies, schools and associations for FREE
  • Use the site to spread the word about your cause and raise exposure
  • Event promotion
  • Online ticket facility (coming soon)

Benefits for our Business Members:
For our Business Members we want to give them the very BEST local platform for promoting their business in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

  • Full social media integration (direct links to your social media activity)
  • Your events, offers, testimonials and business can be shared across social media platforms
  • Improved business profile
  • Photo carousel (no more banners)
  • Video
  • Personal access and log in
  • Bespoke blog and event promotion
  • Offer of the day/month
  • Facility to upload documents (e.g. price lists, menus, brochures)
  • Featured business of the month
  • Increased sponsorship/banner opportunities
  • QuoteMe (online quote request direct to your business)

This is not just the launch of a new site. We’re also upping our commitment to become your best marketing partner. One of the key services that we’ll be offering is to help you make the most of social media and content marketing.

Even if you’re not active on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, we’ll still be able to help you tap into our fast growing social network and make good use of the blogging facility. In fact, over the coming weeks and months we’ll be offering you a whole host of new and innovative ways we can help promote your Guernsey business.

Let me introduce you to our new site with a five minute video:


Once you’ve seen this video, I think you’ll understand what a significant development this is. If you're already a business member of The Best of Guernsey, we will need your help to make sure that your business profile is looking as good as possible.

If you're not using The Best of Guernsey then perhaps this is the right time for us to start talking. Drop us an email at for more information.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new website so get in touch!

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