The Facebook Boost Trap
10th August 2021
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There are ways to get your posts in front of people on Facebook other than just organic posts!

😟 The BAD news is that the vast majority of businesses are falling into an all too common trap. 😟 

One way to get your posts in front of people is to BOOST them.

That’s when you click the good ol’ boost button, pay Facebook some money and they’ll show your post to more people.

Sounds good right? A good use of a few quid? 🤔

😱 NOooooooOOOOooooo! 😱

The Boost button is the biggest trap for business owners on Facebook. 

When you click BOOST what you're telling Facebook is to show your ad to the people who are most likely to ENGAGE with your ad - in other words, people who will LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE. 

🚨 SPOILER ALERT: you can't pay the bills with Facebook Likes 

The Boost button has one job, to get you the most engagement on your 'ad' so you feel like it's worked. 

👉 What you want to do is NOT click Boost - but instead, build a 'proper' ad using the Facebook Ads Manager. 👈

💰 It's still simple to do (once you know how) and will make your ads waaaaay more successful. 💰


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