The Best of Guernsey Launches 'Buy Local' Campaign
7th September 2010
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The Best of Guernsey recently launched a 'Buy Local' campaign.  

What is the aim of this campaign?

To highlight to the public the benefits of buying from and supporting the very best local businesses whilst encouraging people to be vocal in their support of these businesses.

We are asking people to think twice before they buy elsewhere as local shops and small businesses are at the very heart of our community and vital to the economy of the island.

The reality is that big national chains often don't match the local businesses customer service, product knowledge or hands on experience.

It can be tough running a business in Guernsey right now.  Guernsey businesses need to cope with a lot; recession, the rise in Online competition and the weather!  Whatever has been thrown at them, Guernsey business owners have been there for their customers and we want to showcase them and ensure that as many people as possible 'Buy Local' and support our fabulous local businesses.

We will be showcasing the best businesses and offering Exclusive Offers, Prizes and Freebies to everybody who shows their support.


So what can YOU do? 


Become a Fan: 

Please join us in supporting local businesses by becoming a fan of the 'Buy Local - Supporting Guernsey Business' page on Facebook.

Spread the Word: 

Please do also spread the word of this campaign with your friends by using the 'Suggest to Friends' button on the Facebook page.

Display 'Buy Local' Stickers:

Show your support by displaying our 'Buy Local' stickers in your car, shop, office etc.  Please contact us by email if you wish to enquire about obtaining some 'Buy Local' stickers.

Leave Feedback: 

Why not show your support of local businesses by leaving feedback on their products and service by adding a 'testimonial' for an existing Bestof Guernsey business or by adding a 'recommendation'.

Join the Buy Local Supporters Pledge: 
Show your support by pledging "I support local businesses and I call upon other local people to use local businesses" and joining the Buy Local Supporters.


To view all the supporters of Buy Local click here

Complete the Buy Local Survey: Upon supporting/signing up you will be invited to complete our optional online survey.  

This is so we can establish what it is in Guernsey that currently hinders people from buying locally.  Is it the state of the local high street, the variety of shops on offer, the availability of parking, public transport or pedestrian access etc. So why not have your say.

Get In Touch: If you are a business in Guernsey and would like to let us know about what you do to support the 'Buy Local' intiative, then we would love to hear from you and you never know we might end up doing a Blog article on your business!  So why not email us today.

The Best of Guernsey Team appreciate any help you can offer in supporting and spreading the 'Buy Local' campaign and message and thank you in advance for your time.

Enjoy 'Buying Local'.

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