5th August 2016
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Guernsey-based global recruitment agency Firstcall is here to help with good advice for those of you wondering about the benefits of using a recruitment agency.

The summer is a great time to re-evaluate your career and look around to see if you could be doing better elsewhere. A recruitment agency can help with this. Using a recruitment agency is considered normal for many job-seekers, especially in the financial sector.

Many employers now consider recruitment agencies their preferred method for hiring new staff and they will not even consider unsolicited offers from individuals writing to them to ask about jobs.

Looking for a new job can be extremely competitive these days. The approach to an employer needs to be planned from start to finish and the slightest mistake can see you being discounted from the selection process. Recruitment agencies specialise in such delicate approaches.

Agencies often have preferential long term relationships with employers and have earned their trust, and a reputation for discretion - this gives them an advantage at getting their candidates considered first. When Firstcall puts you forward as a candidate, they are personally recommending you to the employer, which will get you considered ahead of other candidates.

On a daily basis agencies like Firstcall will be in contact with employers to discuss their current needs and swiftly assist them in filling job vacancies. Most jobs will be filled long before they ever need to be advertised to the general public. To gain access to these highly sought after jobs you will need to be using a recruitment agency to represent you.

Agencies like Firstcall also minimise a lot of the stress in the job seeking process for you, the candidate. This counts double if you are a first time job-seeker who has just left school or university, as an agency will make sure you consider important details that you might have missed otherwise or thought unimportant, because they are experienced at going through the job-seeking process. An agency is also preferred if you are considering leaving your current job, but do not want your employer to know just yet, as you can trust an agency's absolute discretion - their word of mouth reputation amongst job-seekers completely depends upon it.

Agencies also get to know their candidates better than employers have a chance to, as they will be in contact with them more often. The agency can look out for your interests, give you feedback and help to refine your CV. This also means that the agency can target exactly the kind of job you want, and only put you forward for roles that you know you want, so you won't end up in an interview for a job you are unsuited for, saving you time and preventing needless stress. Agencies like Firstcall can also help you through the interview process with coaching and guidance beforehand, so that you are as well prepared as you can be when you need to impress a prospective employer, and post interview feedback so you can learn from any mistakes you made, to better prepare you for further interviews.

An agency like Firstcall massively streamlines the painstaking and laborious task of hunting for a job. Their friendly, impartial and professional staff will do the legwork of finding you a job and make the whole process as stress-free for you as possible, at no cost to you. In today's job market you are holding yourself back if you don't use a recruitment agency.

Your career is such an important part of your life that it would be silly not to rely on the experts when searching for another job.

If you would like assistance from the experts then full contact details for Firstcall and all of their recruitment specialists can be found on their feature page here at thebestof Guernsey.

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