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7th June 2023
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The most common course of action for graduates commencing their professional careers is starting in their preferred industry in a trainee or junior position. However, there are many reasons why this may seem scary. For one, beginning employment in a trainee or junior position can raise financial concerns. Becoming financially independent post studying and leaving home, ongoing student loans and fewer benefits at an entry level job, are all valid concerns to hold.

Graduates may also be overwhelmed by the time it appears to take to reach their dream position. Many past graduates can take years to climb a career ladder, and on top of that, the commitment, hard work, and effort progressing to these heights can very reasonably appear daunting.

But it’s all worth it. Trainee and junior positions, despite valid precautious thinking, are the perfect way for a graduate to reach their dream job. Firstly, they provide ideal opportunities to learn. Graduates are given practical experience in their field of interest, with knowledge and skills learned through diving headfirst into their chosen industry. These roles are designed to give those willing to progress the tools necessary to do so.

Trainee and junior positions also provide a strong foundation for growth, so the process of climbing the career ladder may become quicker and easier than believed. These roles not only allow networking opportunities, but a chance to build relationships and valuable connections with industry professionals and colleagues alike – most employers are very keen to nurture and develop new talent that they see has potential. A firm may go as far as to see the potential in you to become a future leader in their industry, so you may be pleasantly surprised what can be achieved if you join the right one.

There’s also a lot to be said for the experiences learned through starting in an entry level position – often the true nature and landscape of your career path can be revealed. This is something studying can’t prepare you for. At a young age, it can be very useful to have experiences that teach us where our true career interests may lie, and it could be as simple as a slight change in careers or job role that can lead a graduate to their true calling.

Working your dream job or finding out how your interests may have changed all requires a plunge into the unknown. Whilst it is perfectly normal to be fearful before starting in a  trainee or junior position, the opportunities, knowledge, skills learned, and, above all else, experience gained, are all well worth the dive. At Firstcall, we’re with you every step of the way to find entry level positions in your desired field of interest.

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