15th April 2018
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Electric heating is more efficient than fossil fuel systems and converts more of the input energy into heat - so you get to squeeze more out of your budget.



Make the switch to electric heating and you can get rid of cumbersome oil tanks, ugly gas bottles, unsightly flues and free up precious space in your garden.



Because the majority of Guernsey's electricity comes from sustainable, lower-carbon sources, when you switch to electric heating, you'll already be doing your bit to be greener.



Electric home heating has no flammable fuels, no flames, and no emissions so there's no carbon monoxide to worry about. 



Depending on what your current system runs on, you could save money too. If you're on gas then simply give us a recent heating bill and we'll work out how much you could save by switching to an electric system. It could be as much as £3,000 compared to 10 years with a gas heating package*

If you're on an oil-fired system then we'll work out what the difference would be and factor in any capital cost. For example, you may have to upgrade your tank to comply with new regulations. 

As of 1 January 2018, our Superheat Tariff charges all units at 8.4285 pence per unit for 24 hours.

(Guernsey Electricity reserves the right to interrupt a supply to dedicated heating tariff meters, in the unlikely event of severe network conditions, for up to 30 minutes in a 24-hour period with a maximum number of interruptions being four times per calendar year.) 

*figures based on current published prices inclusive of boiler plan, standing and running costs. Subject to status and survey.


Making the switch easy: 

  1. Arrange a FREE home visit. Give us your current heating costs and we'll work out how much a new electric system would compare to your existing heating over a 10 year average. We'll then provide a quotation for your new system that will best suit your home
  2. Once you accept the quotation, we will schedule the work, install and test your new system, and make sure it is operating on the correct tariff.
  3. Choose a maintenance package 

Throughout, we promise to give you friendly, helpful and above all, honest advice as to what your best option will be. 

Easyheat, the easy way to pay

Our Easyheat plan is the easiest way for you to enjoy the benefits of electric heating.

  • No initial outlay on your new boiler or underfloor system
  • Spread the cost over 10 years and have total peace of mind

To discuss home or commercial heating options with one of our experienced team members, or to arrange a FREE site survey please call 01481 200749 or email energy.sales@electricity.gg 

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