6th September 2014
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The Guernsey Arts Commission have selected seven young local artists and will be showing their artwork at the greenhouse in Candie Gardens, from Thursday 11th September 2014, in an exhibition entitled "Transforming: Seven of the Best".

The artists Eleanor Atkinson, Jake Bishop, Alice Hudson, Kaya Ozard, Daniel Ray, Oliver Rowe and Karl Simpkin - were selected from the end of year shows of the College of Further Education, Elizabeth College, Ladies College and the Grammar School. Four of the seven will be attending prestigious art colleges in the UK from this autumn.

This is the fourth annual show in a series, sponsored by NatWest, showcasing the work of young Guernsey people at the very beginning of their artistic career.

Rob Girard, Island Director of NatWest, commented: We are delighted to support the Guernsey Arts Commission Seven of the Best Exhibition which celebrates the high quality and imaginative work of the many young students on the cusp of their artistic career, who develop their talent with the help of excellent support from Guernsey’s schools and colleges. This sponsorship brings together our commitment as a community bank to support education, youth development and the arts within Guernsey."

The work in the exhibition explores change, transformation and evolution in one way or another.

Caroline Corfe, general manager of the Guernsey Arts Commission, commented: I was delighted to be asked to curate this exhibition. It was a real pleasure attending all the final year exhibitions and talking to the students and tutors. It has been difficult to whittle down my long list to these seven artists as the quality of work by many students was extremely high and I could have filled at least two galleries with paintings, installations, mobiles and photography. In the end, my final choice was based on whether the work would stand alone in a commercial setting and developed a new train of thought or demonstrated an artistic consciousness that I had not encountered before. All of the work has integrity in its own right. Some explore quite challenging topics while others bring fresh, humorous approaches to different medium.”

The exhibition opens at 5.30pm on Thursday 11th September 2014, with free admission to the Greenhouse, plus a chance to meet the seven emerging young artists and speak with them.

Normal admission charges apply from that point onwards until the exhibition ends on Wednesday 31st December 2014.

Linked below are examples from the exhibition - a pastel work by Alice Hudson and a plaster piece by Kaya Ozard - plus the brochure for this exhibition.

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