Pumpkin Muffin Recipe Tried and Tested
20th October 2010
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Following my last blog on Pumpkin Muffins I decided I really should try the recipe and report back on how I got on.

I began with a rather large pumpkin (pictured right) and as this was the first time I had :-
a) ever bought a pumpkin
b) used fresh pumpkin in a recipe 
c) made muffins full stop....
I was a bit apprehensive!


Using the Pumpkin Carving Tips Blog, I followed steps 1 to 6 quite easily and had a lovely pumpkin left for carving too.  I ended up placing my Pumpkin in our sink using a plastic washing up bowl to place all the scooped out innards in separating the seeds / membrane from the usable pumpkin.  As suggested, I used a large ladle to help remove the insides.  

I then followed the Pumpkin Muffins Recipe.  I knew it was American so converted some of the ingredient measurements which you might find handy along with my helpful tips below:



1.5 cups / 340g of plain flour (alternatively known as all-purpose flour)
1 cup / 225g pumpkin innards (minus membrane and seeds)
1/3 cup / 80ml vegetable oil
Allspice is also known as Mixed Spice
1.25 cups / 280g caster sugar

All the other ingredients / instructions were fine to follow.  

I used whole cloves instead of ground cloves so I put all the spices in a pestle and mortar and ground the cloves together with the other spices.  I then removed the bigger clove ends and left smaller bits to add texture to the look and taste of the muffins.

I used an electric food chopper for the pumpkin to make things a bit easier and quicker.  I also used an electric whisk to combine the flour mixture and the pumpkin mixture.  I would advise an apron as my whisk had a tendency to spurt mixture out of the bowl  (or maybe that was down to my technique - a bad workman always blames their tools etc...!)

I didn't have a wooden centred pick or skewer to insert into the middle of a muffin to test if cooked, so I used a wooden chop stick which did leave quite big holes. . .  but I used this muffin as a tester / taster.



You can see the final result of my earthy, spicy, fluffy and filling Pumpkin Muffins pictured below.  

The smell of them is very autumnal and I highly recommend not missing out the cinnamon / sugar topping which really adds to the taste and texture.

These muffins would be great at a Halloween party or simply to cheer your work colleagues up.  I impressed my work colleagues so much that I fear they will be asking me to bring in more home cooked cakes in the future. 

I now just have to work out a pumpkin carving design and get on with my next project!


I really hope you have as much fun with this recipe as I did and if you do try carving a pumpkin and / or this recipe, I would love to hear how you get on and even see pictures so why not email me at nicole.guernsey@thebestof.co.uk 


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