New to employment during a global crisis
18th May 2020
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A recent study published by the BBC claims that school leavers and under 25s could be worst hit by the economic impact of Coronavirus. 19-year-old newbie to the employment world Grace Kelly sheds light on her experience with Firstcall, as well as the importance of utilising professionals to seek work during these unprecedented times.

Redundancy due to Coronavirus, GCSEs and A-Levels cancelled, all accompanied by the strict stay at home guidelines implemented by the States of Guernsey, means unemployment and anxiety is at an all-time high. Synchronising to this, is the escalating demand to find alternative employment. In these uncertain times the job market has never felt smaller, and the competition never greater.

When it comes to taking the next step, the most valuable and simple piece of advice is to be proactive! It’s often too easy to let being unemployed become a habit; days turn into weeks, and months fly by without even realising it, not to mention what you’re going to say in an interview when asked about that awkward time period.

The pressures of school life can take a toll on your confidence, you’re in an environment where all people talk about is university, or how excited they are to start their dream job; and if you’re in the ‘I really don’t have a clue’ category, it can be a bit of a knock. If you’re fresh out of education and seeking employment, or simply don’t know what career path you want to take, agencies are your best friend. Not only in a short space of time will you discover what job sector you like, but more valuably you will quickly come to realise what you definitely don’t want to do.

‘It’s all about who you know’ – the million times over I heard this phrase whilst seeking employment. It’s not wrong, but it often feels like people are given the upper hand when it comes to business contacts. How am I possibly meant to know 57-year-old Darren in accounts when I have spent my entire life in school? Simple answer is you’re not, but that doesn’t mean widening your connections and ultimately your horizons is impossible. Apply for work experience, get your name positively circulating amongst employers and do not give in.

Applying for a new job is daunting, for those who have never worked full time as well as for those who have, but know you’re not alone in how you feel, the key is how you decide to act.

This is a time where being prepared, enthused and appropriately armed to act on a well-suited opportunity will be key. Rest assured this is only the beginning of your journey and despite the outlook, things will improve and the experience you gain in this climate will be invaluable for you and your future.

If you’re looking for a place to start, why not consider the recent graduate / trainee opportunities currently available? More details can be found in the links below:

Trainee Trust Administrator

Trainee Compliance Consultant

Trainee Fund Administrator

Part-Qualified Private Equity Accountant

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