8th November 2010
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Movember is the new November.

Mo is short for moustache and comes together with November each year for Movember - a month dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancers that affect men.  

The men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days throughout the month of November.  It is becoming more popular each year around the world, Guernsey included.

Movember was first dreamed up in 2003 over a few beers in Australia.  A simple plan to have a bit of fun and bring back the 'moustache' whilst doing something for men's health.  Inspired by the effort women had made towards breast cancer charities, the Mo Bro's set themselves up for a global men's health movement.

In 2004, the focus was on raising awareness and funds for the number one cancer affecting men - prostate cancer.  The Movember campaign has grown each year since then and has been taken up in many countries around the world including the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, The Netherlands and Finland.

Last year saw one million donors raise £26 million and the funds raised through the UK Movember campaign, raises money for The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC) - the UK's leading Prostate Cancer charity.  

Mo Inspiration:

So if you are taking the challenge and are looking for Mo Inspiration why not think about copying one of these greats:
Tom Selleck
David Boon
Freddie Mercury
Hulk Hogan


Every individual who registers can create a MoSpace where they can upload pictures of their moustache through the stages during the 30 days.  Friends, family and even strangers can rate their Mo Space and see online donations and messages.

MoPhone for iPhone:

An application has also been created for any iPhone users who want to download a photo of their Mo-gress each day and share it on social media sites like Facebook with a link to their MoSpace.  At the end of the month you can then run these photos in a series to watch the growth.


Other ways of raising money are to make a special event out of the reMoving of your moustache.  Why not get together with a group and get sponsored to have your Mo waxed off!

Mo Sistas:

Females are not left out though, as they are termed Mo Sistas who support their Mo Bros.  I have even seen one female photographer go to the extremes of creating a new moustache image everyday.  Mia Webb has already posed as Charlie Chaplin and Super Mario and her MoSpace page is definitely worth regularly checking out throughout the month - Mia Webb Mo Space


For those of you new to Movember, The Best of Guernsey hopes we have Motivated you and challenge you to join in changing the face of men's health.

It's not too late to Register

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