30th July 2013
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Living Positive is a GAC exhibition at The Greenhouse inside the Tourist Information Centre of work by current and former inmates of Guernsey Prison.

Exhibition Dates

Thursday 26th June - Saturday 31st August

Insider Art offers a thought provoking and unique opportunity to view work by current and former inmates of Guernsey Prison.

This exhibition gives the public a glimpse into the type of things that inspire even the most invisible and sometimes disregarded in our community. Those viewing the exhibition will spend a few moments forgetting that this work was done by someone in prison, but by another human being; a human being who has the same thoughts, emotions, and inspirations as they do, and for that one moment, we recognise ourselves.

Dave Matthews Governor Guernsey Prison states "I have seen huge benefits in terms of prisoner behaviour and their ability to interact and work more positively in other activities as a result of their experiences in the new learning environment at the prison."

Opening Hours

 Monday to Saturday
9.00am – 5.00pm

9.00am – 1.00pm

Closed Monday 26th August bank holiday.


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