Halloween Pumpkin Ideas - Carving Tips
6th October 2010
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Halloween is soon approaching and I have recently started thinking about how to get in the mood.  This year I am going to be purchasing my first Pumpkin and have been doing some research as to the different things you can use one for.  

I never realised there were so many uses.  I therefore wanted to share some tips and ideas with you over several blogs.  This first blog is all about:

Pumpkin Carving Tips -

If you are hosting a Halloween party or going to one or simply want to have some fun with the kids, why not get yourself a pumpkin to decorate.   There are so many companies selling locally grown vegetables here in Guernsey so make sure you Buy Local.


1) Select a ripe pumpkin and preferably one that doesn't have any dents, marks or bruises as they probably won't last as long (unless you intend to make these a part of your design).  

2) Don't carry the pumpkin by its stem if you want it as part of your design as they snap off quite easily.

3) To save clearing up too much mess its advisable to place your pumpkin on newspaper or something disposable.

4) Using a sharp knife, cut a circle around the stem.  (children can use a plastic pumpkin carving knife with adult supervision).  

5) Make sure the circle you cut is big enough for you to place your hand inside the pumpkin and pull the seeds and membrane out. It may make it easier to also cut the bottom of the pumpkin out to help remove the insides.

6) Suggest using a soup ladle or large spoon to help remove the insides. 

7) Carving a giant pumpkin is easier than a regular pumpkin so be prepared for your work to be harder the smaller your pumpkin is.

8) Examine your pumpkin to see where the best place is to make your carving.

11) Draw your pumpkin design on a piece of thin / tracing paper in thick pen and then tape the piece of paper to where you want the design to be on the pumpkin.

12) Score your design into the pumpkin through the paper using a large nail or pin.

13) Carefully cut out the design using your knife following the holes that were punched.  When you are finished simply push out the pieces to view the final results.

14) Place a thick and sturdy candle in the base to light on the big night.

Your pumpkin is now ready to decorate your garden, window sill, party venue or fireplace for halloween.

If you feel an intricate design is too much for you and want to stick to something simple, why not create your own version of the 'Burger Pumpkin'.  I love this idea as it is different, uses the pumpkin seeds and is a modern twist on original designs.

Happy Designing!


Next Halloween Blog on Pumpkin Food ..............

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