3rd June 2016
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Guernsey Sands, the local stillbirth and neonatal death charity, will soon begin their refurbishment of the baby memorial garden at Le Foulon Cemetery. Accordingly they are making one last appeal to any parents who have an existing plaque or memorial at the existing garden to contact them.

The garden and its plaques fell into disrepair many years ago. The refurbishment, due to start in the next few weeks, will commence with levelling the grassy area at the site. That will be followed by the creation of hard surface pathways. Finally the existing plaques will be removed and will be replaced with new plaques on a completely new centrepiece memorial.

Rob Jones, Chairman of the Guernsey Sands charity which was established by local bereaved parents in 1978 and became a registered Guernsey charity in 1981, explains: "We are completely aware that this is an area of great significance to those families concerned and that any disturbance of the grounds or ornamentation is a very sensitive issue. We are hoping to reassure anyone that has an interest in the site that it will be treated with the greatest respect and no material will be removed during the levelling process and ask that anyone with any concerns contact us to discuss the project and the new plaques."

With this refurbishment the local charity aim to create a calm and peaceful environment, so that relatives may visit and remember their lost loved ones all year round, whatever the weather.

Rob told us: "We have been in contact with several families who have plaques for their babies at the garden, but there are still some that we have not been able to speak to. If we don't hear from those families we will provide replacement plaques on the new memorial ourselves, but obviously we would like the families to have the opportunity to have some input in the process and to have their original plaques returned to them if they wish. Families will not be asked to make any financial contribution to the project."

Guernsey Sands holds regular community meet-ups locally on the third Tuesday of every month from 7.30pm until 9.30pm. These gatherings are open to anyone who has been affected by the loss of a baby during late pregnancy, at birth or shortly afterwards.

Members of the public wishing to contact the charity, or who wish to attend their monthly community meets, can obtain further information by emailing

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