Guernsey Children Go Quackers for Puppetry Workshop
31st August 2011
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The Guernsey Arts Commission held a three week Summer Workshop offering a series of drama and performing arts workshops for local youngsters aged 7 - 18.


The workshops were delivered by theatre graduate Darren Alderton and The Best of Guernsey were invited to attend one of last week's puppetry sessions at the Footes Lane Hockey Club.


The room was a hub of creativity filled with fabric, card, glue and intensely concentrating children.  They were in the middle of their second day of making puppets, which were really taking shape.  Darren informed us that puppetry week was the last of a three week workshop delivered by the team. There were about twenty children making their own puppets which they were then going to learn to use in a performance situation.


The previous two weeks had seen the children enjoying a musical theatre week and a drama week.  Some of the children had attended all three including Megan Allan, aged seven, who said,

"Musical theatre and puppetry were my favourites because I like singing and love to make things".

Megan was in the process of making her puppet (below left) which she named 'Ruby' after her godmother's baby.


Another puppet we met was a smartly dressed 'Mr Quackers' (below right) being made by Elliott Hearne, aged nine, who said,

"I want to make something different to everyone else as it's good to be unusual".

Acting student, Jordan Veloso, was assisting Darren and felt the workshops had also given him some very valuable experience;

"I enjoy getting involved and not putting all my studies to one side for the summer.  The kids are lovely and it's great to put across to them what I have learnt.  It is hard work but most rewarding."

The workshop forms part of the Guernsey Arts Commission’s developing Community Arts Programme which aims to give artistic opportunities to people who would not normally have them or give people the chance to experience new forms of artistic expression, something that is highlighted in these puppetry in theatre workshops.


This is the second year these workshops have taken place and they proved so popular in 2010 extra sessions were added to the 2011 timetable to give as many youngsters as possible the chance to experience these elements of the performing arts.


Pictured Below:

Megan Allan with Ruby (left) and Elliott Hearne with Mr Quackers (right)

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