3rd June 2016
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Guernsey-based global recruitment agency Firstcall is here to help with good advice for those of you wishing to negotiate a pay rise with your employer.

Remuneration will come under discussion either with your current employer, as a means of enhancing your earnings package, or you may have decided to consider pastures new for further career stimulation; naturally an offer of employment would follow and salary expectations will need be taken into account.

Money need not be the be all and end all for a move within your current role. For those of you that are wanting to negotiate a competitive increase this is our insight with a few pointers on how you can prepare. This can be a daunting process, but if you've done your research, and have a clear case to present, then you will find this an easier task.


Before starting negotiations, get the timing right. If pursuing a new role then you should wait for the final stages of the process where definite interest is shown. In most cases when working with a professional recruiter you will have already discussed surrounding matters from the outset, as a means of working closely with your consultant.

Try not to be disruptive to your employer. Ask for a meeting with your manager to discuss your performance, ensuring you have a chance to prepare for the conversation, but equally allow for this to be taken at a convenient point where time can be allocated.

What's Your Market Value

Get an idea of what you should be asking for, utilising resources such as salary surveys and checker. Speaking to recruiters about market rates can assist in gauging a fair reflection. This also helps you to see where you're pitching at the moment, as you may find you're being paid competitively or at the lower end of the scale.

Assessing your overall profile within your industry also plays a part. In a lot of ways we're very much seeing that professional academia and experience are now viewed as a combination so keep in mind how you're progressing from this perspective. All businesses vary and so do salaries, so there will always be fluctuation.

Present Your Case

Ensure you have a solid case to present, with evidence of your skills and performance. Highlight successful projects you've been involved with, and use facts, figures and timeframes to back them up, overall demonstrating your capabilities and strengths.

Discuss your track record with regards to producing results. In many industries there are expected development points; this could range from qualification advancement, technical knowledge and outperforming KPIs. If you're falling shy of what's expected in your industry, then expect these elements to influence the overall outcome

Be Ready To Discuss

Make sure you're prepared to discuss your pay at the negotiating table. Be clear about what you feel is the level you're aiming for and what your boundaries are. What are you willing to accept or not accept?

Remember you have the option to compromise and make other suggestions. Different elements of the remuneration package might be interchangeable and you might be able to create a package that works well for you depending on the flexibility available.

Budgets are a factor that need be taken into account. What you're aiming for is an amicable and attractive outcome - money isn't everything, so consider prospects, other elements that will play a part in your working life and job satisfaction.

Take Your Time

You may need more or less time to consider the offer depending how close it is to what you want. You may be asked how long you need to think about the offer made, and if that's the case tell them you'll have an answer the following day. You might think the offer is perfect, but you should still sleep on it.

This helps you stay in control. Those negotiating with you need to know the importance of this, that you have to take your time in coming to a decision.

Bring Discussions To A Close

Whether you get an acceptable offer or not, make sure you bring things to a close and thank them. Don't Burn Your Bridges.

If you've not been able to get the desired result with your employer then keep things professional and amicable. It may be that you can action any constructive points made - factors you may be able to implement to enhance your position.

Pursuing new horizons may be the next step for you, so what next? Working with the right Recruitment Consultant and having clear dialogue can be extremely valuable if you have certain factors you're looking to uphold and attain. Be reasonable with your expectations as many businesses use bench marks. Going through this process you will have gained valuable market information already, so if you're told potential figures that sound out of this world, it would be wise to tread carefully.

If you would like assistance from the experts then full contact details for Firstcall and all of their recruitment specialists can be found on their feature page here at thebestof Guernsey.

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