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12th April 2024
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Absolutely Fabulous Ltd has expanded its services to include Experienced full, or part-time Housekeepers who are ready to meet your needs.

Their services encompass a range of essential tasks, including regular property checks during owners' absences and addressing all property-related requirements.

Their Housekeepers are equipped to provide a variety of crucial assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your home
  • Replenishing household essentials
  • Coordinating with relevant tradespeople for property maintenance needs
  • Contacting emergency services if necessary
  • Assisting guests as needed
  • Ensuring the linen room is well-stocked and handling ironing tasks

We tailor job descriptions to suit each client's specific requirements.

Rest assured, we conduct thorough due diligence checks on all candidates.

Additionally, we offer local Housekeepers who do not require accommodation.

Please email: housekeepers@abfabguernsey.com


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