2nd February 2013
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Just a few days into the 14 Days of Love 2013 campaign and things are already hotting up as business reviews start to pour in!  

The support for the campaign, which recognises the efforts that our Guernsey businesses put towards providing local people with a great service, should be encouraged - so please share some love!

Local businesses featured on thebestof Guernsey are able to take part in the two week campaign and many use it as an opportunity to contact their clients to gain feedback for their work.

We are sometimes too busy concentrating on the little details that we forget to stop and consider the work we have done, the service we have offered and the effect this has had on our clients' lives.

This campaign is fantastic for doing just that.  Some businesses may be nervous to ask for feedback from their customers initially but as soon as they start to receive glowing recommendations, those concerns quickly disappear.  

Positive reviews are a great morale booster for both the business owner(s) and the staff who sometimes don't get the recognition they deserve.

We live in a world where it's easy to shop online but local people miss out on the one to one customer service experience and the ability to see, feel and try a product before they buy.  If a business gets it right, the customer will return and tell their family and friends about the good service they received.

All reviews given to business members are added to their feature on thebestof Guernsey website so potential customers can  read them and gain confidence that this business is reputable and offering good quality. It reassures them that the business is trusted and recommended by other people in the community.

What's in it for the business?

Only one business member can be voted the ‘Most Loved Business in Guernsey’ by local people but 10 businesses will feature in the 'Top 10 Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey'.

Nationally local businesses can achieve the status of ’Most Loved Business in Category in the British Isles' and place in the top five nationally for their categories, PLUS even place in the ‘Top 100 Most Loved Businesses in the British Isles’.

These are all fantastic accolades to achieve and great for your company's PR and marketing. This is a campaign that really works and we have numerous members who have seen their business profile (and profits) grow by committing to it.

Each day during the campaign the 14 Days of Love Loveometer gets updated so you can keep an eye on how local businesses are doing.  

The campaign finishes at midnight on 14th February - results are announced on 15th February.


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