14 Days of Love 2012 Results
20th February 2012
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Last week saw the climax of the 14 Days of Love campaign run nationally by 'thebestof' with over 1800 new testimonials being posted on The Best of Guernsey website for your favourite local businesses in two weeks!


Bonboniera is the 'Most Loved Business in Guernsey' after receiving 308 testimonials from satisfied customers on The Best of Guernsey website throughout the year and during the two week campaign. 

The recommendations bestowed on Bonboniera included praise for their 'great range of stock', 'good layout', 'fantastic service', 'easy parking', 'competitive prices' and 'quality products' as well as being, 'friendly', 'reliable', 'helpful', and ultimately 'a one stop party shop'.


'WOW!  Go Bonboniera.....The team are all made up, thank you to our wonderful customers.  We are all off out in a moment so we now have something to celebrate.  I am a very happy Bonboniera Balloon Babe,' said owner, Sue Garau, when she heard the news on Thursday night.


It's been an exceptional campaign for Guernsey - nine local businesses have achieved the status of 'Most Loved' in their categories in the British Isles, including Bonboniera, Bluchip, Island Adventures, Sarnia Mutual, Pavillion Interiors, Body & Sole, Things To Do Guernsey, Bonsai Group and Vision Networks.  And 26 businesses have placed in the top five for their categories nationally.

Plus 4 local businesses also placed in the 'Top 100 Most Loved Businesses in the British Isles.'

All reviews posted from 1 March 2011 up until noon on 15 February 2012 were added to the website's Love-O-Meter which ultimately decided who the 'Most Loved' businesses are, both locally and nationally.  

The Best of Guernsey gave away £200 to a lucky Guernsey 'lover'.  The winner, picked at random, was JENNY LAINE who provided a testimonial for Debbie Duport Dancing and can use the voucher to spend on any Best of Guernsey business. 


The 'Top 20 Most Loved Businesses' on The Best of Guernsey are:

1.     Bonboniera
2.     Bluchip
3.     Things To Do Guernsey
4.     Debbie Duport Dancing
5.     Bella Spa
6.     Island Adventures
7.     Bonsai Group
8.     Karma Beauty
9.     Boulangerie Victor Hugo
10.   Body & Sole
11.   Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Centre
12.   The Salon
13.   Karen Dempsey Dance School
14.= Pavillion Home Furnishers
14.= Equilibrium Massage Therapy
16.   Amour Wedding Services
17.   Mondomundi
18.   Sarnia Estate Agents
19.   Core Wellness Centre
20.   Personnel Appointments


Guernsey Businesses Placed Nationally:
Bonboniera ' 42nd Most Loved Business in the British Isles 
Bluchip ' 68th Most Loved Business in the British Isles 
Things To Do Guernsey ' 82nd Most Loved Business in the British Isles 
Debbie Duport Dancing ' 93rd Most Loved Business in the British Isles 

Bluchip ' Car Dealers ' 1st
Body & Sole ' Lingerie ' 1st
Bonboniera ' Balloon Specialist ' 1st
Bonsai Group ' Wooden Flooring ' 1st
Island Adventures ' Days Out and Attractions ' 1st
Pavillion Home Furnishers - Interior Design ' 1st
Sarnia Mutual ' Finance Brokers & Loans ' 1st
Things To Do Guernsey ' Events and Services ' 1st
Vision Networks ' CCTV ' 1st
A+ Accounting ' Bookkeepers ' 2nd
Amour Wedding Services ' Wedding Planning ' 2nd 
Core Wellness Centre ' Yoga & Pilates ' 2nd
Ian Brown's Cycle Shop ' Cycles & Cycle Accessories ' 2nd
Complete Design ' Tailors & Dressmakers ' 3rd
Debbie Duport Dancing ' Dance Schools & Classes ' 3rd
Fletcher Sports ' Sports Goods Shops ' 3rd
Guernsey Golf School ' Golf Courses and Clubs ' 3rd
Andre Duquemin ' Osteopath ' 4th
Be Inspired ' Yoga & Pilates ' 4th 
Best Friends ' Pet Shops and Supplies ' 4th
Boulangerie Victor Hugo ' Cakes ' 4th
Equilibrium ' Massage Therapy ' 4th
Sarnia Estate Agents ' Estate Agents ' 4th
Accent Multilingual Services ' Tuition ' 5th
Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Arts ' 5th 
Mondomundi ' Gift Shops ' 5th


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